Thursday, March 1, 2007

FAFSA, flan, and White Castle

The FAFSA deadline is in...oh, about 2 hours. So I'd better get cracking.

Unfortunately, when stuff goes down around here, I can't really post about it. This is why my blog has kind of been limping along.

I suppose one thing I can tell you guys about is a hilarious (ok, hilarious for around here!) conversation comparing the flan we'd just had (made by a fellow student) to the Trinity. The flan is eggs and custard and caramel and yet is one flan. The flan has one source (the student who made it, A.), and is known through the dinner crew.

OK, I guess you just had to be there.

Today we did our annual White Castle run. It's organized by fellow student R., a third-year. They've been collecting money for it from fellow students all week. There were 2 vanloads of us. We got Pathmark brand sodas, chips, Twinkies, and Hostess cupcakes, and then went to White Castle and got 400(!) burgers, and then en route to the homeless shelter we put all those in brown bags. Then we got to the homeless shelter and gave them away. They were all gone less than 10 minutes, and they were really grateful. It was AWESOME! Talk about the true spirit of Lent.

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