Monday, January 31, 2011

Follow the breadcrumbs to my new blog, The Unwedded Widow.

This blog is ended, go in peace...and follow me to my new blog, The Unwedded Widow. It's just too much work to maintain two blogs at the same time right now. And the person who started alpha beta parking lot...well, she's me as I was, but not me as I am now. I kind of miss her. She was so full of hope and optimism and other things I can't find nouns for.

We had a good run, this blog...2006-2011. I miss the life I used to have, before the love of my life died. That will never make sense to me.

Fare thee well, my only love, and fare thee well a while
And I will come again, my love, though it were ten thousand mile

I hope that you will follow me to my new blog, where the story continues...

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