Monday, April 2, 2007

Pascha is almost here!

I only have a couple more exhausting days to go. This is how it goes here. Starting at 9:30 am, there's 3rd hour, 6th hour, and 9th hour. Around 11 am, presanctified liturgy starts. That goes til around 12:30. It only seems to last longer since you've already been in church all morning. Then there is brunch. Which would be fine if I could handle vegetarian food without going hypoglycemic. So I'll eat what I can eat, and then, whatever. The next service (bridegroom matins) starts at 8 pm, with choir practice at 7 pm. I missed choir practice today since my back was killing me all day. Dinner is at 5 pm, which is ridiculous when you last ate at 12:30. But whatever.

There are a variety of things I can do with that time between services.
I can:
-get hospital hours done
-actually get some homework done
-read Dionysius the Areopagite
-go to the gym
-do yoga in my room
-take a post-liturgical nap (PLN).

The one thing I absolutely have to do tomorrow, though, is get the mail sorted. If I don't go to the hospital I'll probably take a PLN.

The hymnography tonight was beautiful. And of course the music was also stunning. Gorgeous voices. I meant to post a snippet of one but I can only recall the beginnings to them. I didn't sing tonight since I missed choir practice and my back was killing me.

I wish every one who celebrates it a great Holy Week and a glorious Pascha/Easter.

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