Friday, June 8, 2007

the blogspot to wordpress switch...

So Kafaleni is saying--Everything from blogspot goes to wordpress?---All your archives and everything?

hmmm. So I should delete the old blogspot blogs for people then?


Now, why is everyone switching? If you switched from blogspot to wordpress, give me a shoutout here and tell me why. I'm curious.


  1. I have NOT switched to wordpress. I just wanted to say I linked your blog ages ago because I liked the posts at the time. I think you may have even commented on my blog. I can't remember how I found you. Anyhow, we're both Orthodox, so there, Orthos of the world unite, and I've linked your blog.

    I am not going to spend hours engaging with crazy atheists. I just like to keep my ear to the ground and know what's being said. And I am really sad about Christopher Hitchens. He's kind of like Dawkins; an otherwise brilliant man who has flipped his lid such that he can't talk about religion without becoming an irrational, enraged, crazy person. Atheist fundamentalism is a very sad phenomenon. It ruins perfectly good and rational people. It makes good press, mind you, and I'm sure it's selling lots of copies. So perhaps there is a rationale after all.

  2. Can't exactly give you a comparison, as I've never switched. But I can tell you that I started with WordPress 20 months ago because it's what made available, and it'd take a gun to my head to make me switch.

    Oh, and thanks for the link! I reciprocated a few days ago. You may be the first MOATer to do so, unless Leetie is one also. ;-)

  3. Hi Matthew--I've linked to your blog now; and I responded to your comments here on your blog.

    WriterDude--you were definitely linked to by more than one MOATie, although I can't remember which ones. And I am definitely not the first, as I got your blog's url from one of the other bloglit blog links lists. Kafaleni has the best and most current list (but I can't remember whether you're on it or not).

    Someone has you listed as WriterDoooood or something to that effect....again, can't recall who.

    Thanks for the reciprocity! :)

    So you started with WordPress? I think I'll stick with blogspot for now, as I've confused my readers (I must be up to 5 now) with too many url changes already.

    I did join WordPress in order to read someone's blog, but was then unable to do so anyhow.

  4. I don't post often enough to notice a lot of difference, but WordPress does have a lot of bells and whistles that you don't find here. If you want to keep track of every little detail, WordPress does that for you.

  5. When Blogger Beta came out broken (and still most of the bugs are not fixed) I started a wordpress blog, but I'm not completely conviced, so I keep both.

    See more here: Notes from underground: WordPress versus Blogger