Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Links, links, links

Hello, 3 people who read my blog!

Today, I tried to get all my funny go-to sites and bloglit sites down on this here blog. For the bloglit blogs, the most obvious source was, well, other bloglit blogs. Mad props to Kaf for having both the longest and the most current list! [cheers, applause]

The only reason I quit when I did--when I only had a few more to go, really--was that Blogger had decided not to open the window any more. The internet is running slow right now. I have a theory about that. Theory being someone might be poaching our wireless broadband that my mom just set up the other day but neglected to get the information needed to get to the setup page so I can make sure the security configurations are in place. So I'm planning to be on the phone with our phone company that rhymes with horizon for a couple hours tomorrow morning. Yay.

I don't feel so bad now about having started, then abandoned The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and then Seminary Chick before getting here, since there does seem to be a stop-then-abandon-blog trend--although admittedly, usually people are going from one blogging medium to another (like xanga to blogspot, blogspot to xanga, or blogspot to wordpress--which seems to be a current trend). I may eventually do that myself, but I like what they've done with blogspot during my months of ignorage. Like labels. We never had labels before. They also made it a lot easier to set up links in categories without knowing much HTML (that would be moi).

I still haven't figured out how to post a picture here, but that's not the highest thing on my priority list.

Actually right now the highest thing on my priority list needs to be this paper that I have due in two weeks. It was actually due a while ago but I got a major extension due to, well, pity. I have a largish pile o'books to skim my way through. Wish me luck, O Readers Three. :)

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