Sunday, June 10, 2007

shout-outs to folks

Congrats to my classmate Aleksa Pavichevich on his upcoming ordination to the diaconate on July 1st! Way to go, Alex! :) He is also soon to be a father, around the same time if I'm not mistaken. Talk about your multiple life changes. Congrats to Alex and Emily!

And a big thank you to Matthew Davidson for linking to my blog--I've reciprocated. Your blog Traveling East is now in the Orthodox links section.

Likewise, a big thank you to WriterDude for linking to my blog! :) I know you must have the right url, or else you wouldn't have been able to post a comment here. Look for WriterDude's blog under Bloglit Links.

Nothing much here going on that bears public to see my nephew this weekend, who is SO CUTE!!! and wants to do whatever his Daddy does. So Daddy (ie, my brother) got him to eat a piece of corn on the cob by eating one side and having my nephew take bites from the other. The nephew saw his daddy take huge bites so he took the biggest bites he could. It was simultaneously cute and hilarious.

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